Friday, April 29

I've Been Evicted

Just kidding but....

If you're looking for me, I'm flattered--but I've moved! Yip a stick jumper finally got upgraded. 

Find me @ my new place on the web:

All roads still lead to London 2012 & I hope you'll join me for the ride!

Wednesday, April 6

Filthy Socks

No athlete wants to be sidelined, but the truth is it is a part of the path we choose, it's hard not to demand so much from your body and not have it rebel or go on strike sometimes. You just hope it isn't often and that when it happens it doesn't cost you much time or come at a critical time.

Since the end of February I've missed five weeks, two weeks missed was for a bruised heel. I got back for a solid two weeks and got a bout of tendinitis, that was not major but could turn into something permanent if I didn't give it a chance to calm down. So I spent two weeks in the pool and another ten days coming back slowly. Tendons are slow to heal and if you let them get bad you'll be crying all season, if you do have one.

Tuesday was my first time over hurdles in just under a month, and it felt glorious! I haven't lost much in technique but need to get some race speed ASAP.

It was also my first day back doing long fast runs in spikes aka lactic acid and it hurt something terrible. I've chronicled the aftermath and a little surprise from CBC in the following video.... Take care xo


Monday, April 4

Hool-a-Cise FAQs

Support for Hool-a-Cise have been pouring in, we thank you all for your feedback & support!! We're so overwhelmed.

We've created this short informational to answer the most asked questions about Hool-a-Cise. From its safety to future dimensions....

Saturday, April 2

Big News: Product Launch!

Hey Everyone!
It's been a long time I know. Some of you messaged and asked if I abandoned my blog lol. No I didn't.

I had to step away from blogging for a while to work on a product I created with a friend of mine, Nicole Forrester. The process was long and stressful but I'm proud to say today we officially went to market!!

We are both super excited and proud to share this with the world! Our hope is that when people speak of fitness movements like yoga, pilates and pole dancing for Jesus, they will also speak of.....

Tell your friends about it! Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, February 9

DQFS-France 2011

**UPDATE** Some race footage of the race in France, thanks to KM for sending me the link! I'm in lane 4, fourth from left in red bunners.

I'm in Lesquin, France. And I can't wait to get out of here. Meeting Pas De Calais the second meet of my five meet indoor tour was last night. So now that I've set up the present lets go back to one instance the night before the race...

There is this jolly old Frenchman that has adopted me as one of his favorites, it doesn't matter how many times he sees me in the hotel its always the same refrain "PARE-DEETAH!!!....". I've been coming to this meet since 2004 so I'm a well known face here. I always make it a point to stop and chat and speak my best Frenglish to the staff, so I guess I'm appreciated.

I adore him dearly, but after three days when I see him coming I make myself small and avoid eye contact. Doesn't work. "PARE-DEETAH!!....". Really Sean Paul, I mean I just saw you 10 minutes ago in the elevator and for the cinquante time today!

Anyhoo the night before the race I'm in the hallway having a conversation, and who do I see coming towards us. Right, Sean Paul. Zut Alors. I brace for what will be another I just can't. Why can't peace just be still moment.

Sean Paul goes in. "PARE--DEETAH!!....." he exclaims and states that he is the false starter gun man for the competition. Bravo! I insist, good for you. He wags a naughty finger my way and laughs, (in French) honh honh honh. Basically dude was teasing me: do not make me have to cock a glock....


To which everyone basically says oh no PARE-DETAH, she doesn't false start (FS). Exactly Sean Paul so take your bad mind self to the elevator. You won't be popping no caps in my tail feather. I was a bit annoyed that everyone had that talk out in the universe. Shush. We're in France people, why don't you lot make colour commentary on how flaky the croissants are...

History of Me and the FS-You see I haven't false started in a race since 2000, I was a freshman in college and got disqualified (DQ) at the Texas Relays. The funny thing is I didn't really false start, my teammate Crystal beside me did, but they mistakenly charged me. In 2007 at the World Championships in the semi final I was called for a false start, but again it wasn't me who did it, they mistook my lane (no true stories lol, I know I sound like a convict).

The old rule allowed one FS for the field before a DQ, the new rule states one FS is an instant DQ. I don't usually pay any attention to the rule, because let's just be honest you've seen my start right? Exactly.

So to make a long story short-ish. Why the hell did I false start out of the bloody final last night?!! You hear my tone, so it's perfectly clear how I feel. I was in lane four and the official announced who was charged: "Numero quatre". I literally counted on my fingers "un, deux, lane---quartre! GAASSP." The revelation was crushing. Why couldn't quatre be French for lane one or something. Chaaa

And guess who was at the side line? Yes. Sean Paul. He escorted me off the track as I did the walk of shame. I was waiting for him to "PARE-DEETAH!!" me one last time. But for the first time in life Sean Paul was tres tranquil. And I appreciated that. My boy was so hurt he didn't even have a smile on his face or something jolly to tell me. And after the race he took me over to the starters to watch the official result. Looks like I rocked back in the block during the set position and the pedal sensors went off, which is a false start even if I didn't move forward before the gun.

I saw the girls after the race and congratulated Kellie Wells on an awesome race. No one believed I was called and a few of us had a good chuckle about it. Because let's just be honest, I'm not known for my starting prowess.

I ended the night doing a self-punishment workout on the spot. All professional athletes know that one well and have called upon its venom a time or two in their careers. The impromptu session sparked by the utter vexation, regret of falling short when there is no excuse, and taking it out on the flesh seems to be the only retribution.

I'm flying to Dusseldorf today and leaving this race behind me. I race again on Friday, the plan there is to show some discipline.

Take care,

Saturday, January 29

Millrose Monster 2011

I had a rough time getting to NYC because of the blizzards, but got here eventually and safely. I took the subway all by my lonesome late Thursday night to The Armory Indoor Track to get a dynamic warm up in. I was very nervous taking the subway and wondered the entire trip if indeed my tetanus shot was up to date. Yes the NYC subway is very gritty, makes you wanna lick the TTC by comparison.

I was 3rd in my season opener and ran 8.05, I was happy with what I got out of the whole experience. Obviously I wanted to win, but this was just one small step towards Daegu and I appreciated my efforts. My opener last year was 8.13 so already I feel like its a very positive first step, despite being rusty most of the way. Coach Randy wasn't impressed with me technically and it will be good to watch the video with him, and see what needs cleaning up.

I have a very ambitious European indoor schedule set up,  I haven't raced this much indoors since 2007. I am looking forward to the fun of back to back races and setting up a fast rhythm.

My first stop is The Deutschland next Saturday (Love me some Germany)! I'll compete in Stuttgart at the Sparkassen Cup February 5. I've never raced here and have heard great things about the meet and the track from other athletes.

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by!
XO Per

Below is video of me after my original trip to NYC was cancelled and I had no where to go and nothing to do--- Except of course play (and perform) my "Power Song"!!
***Caution this song is to keep me "Race. Moded: focused, crunk,  pumped, high, ready for war race".  It is not a hymnal by any means and contains language that you should never say at any kindergarten or the local Walmart!***

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Wednesday, January 19

Ice Ice Baby

Ever have one of those days @ work where you feel like a rock star? Today was one of those days for me, except not a rock star just a really really fast stick jumper. Things were clicking and my body just did what I wanted, I didn't even have to beg or bribe it like I did last week!

Today was a good day.

After practice I drove to a gas station to buy some ice, high end work like that gets rewarded with 10 minutes of hypothermia in an ice tub. Outside the store I spent 5 minutes pulling, shoving and alas karate chopping the door of the freezer to try to get it open.


The stupid door was frozen solid and wouldn't  budge. This man twice my size, with hands like bricks stood at the pay phone beside me smoking a cigarette watching the whole thing unfold. Amused.

Chivalry? Oh ya it's dead.

Desperate not to abandon my dream of a frigid soak, I knew there was only one thing left to do. The karate kick....except from a rolling start. Usually I save this move for brawls, but figured it was of good use here. I stepped back, ran 4 metres like I was in the starting blocks and stubbed my toe on contact. Owww. Very rusty. BUT!!--to our amazement (me and Mr. I don't aid damsels in distress) the door sprang open!

He was so happy, he told the person on the phone in an excited voice. I had to check him and look at him sideways, What are you all chim chim cheree about, lazy? After all if you were so invested why is my big toe throbbing right now and not yours? So mind yo bidniss puh...leazze.

I go to pay for the ice and the clerk asks me to clarify that I do indeed want to buy ice?...a 20lbs bag?! To which I respond: Yes I know it's a hundred below zero outside. Yes I realize the door of the freezer hasn't seen any action since Adam was a little boy. And yes I am crazy. Keep the change. Then I leave.

In redeeming fashion dude put out his smoke and helped me haul the ice out of the freezer.

Chivalry? Resuscitated...for now.

Be cool xo
Chim Chim Cheree, Adam

Monday, January 17

The "ME" in TEAM

I'm back from Phoenix and too bad you can't see me because I am glowing! I had a great time and I was really able to narrow my focus and prepare with a bit more urgency for the season ahead. 

There is something about being around other elite people, not just athletes, but individuals that are the best at what they do. I really appreciated the environment I was in and have to give a shout out to the best medical team anywhere. Canada has world class clinicians, and I've been around the block world a few times, so trust me when I say that no one is better.

Compression therapy during AC training camp
 Phoenix January 2011

I saw the entire staff work around the clock to make sure as athletes our needs were met. I felt bad at times when I realized they hadn't eaten on schedule, if at all! Each one put our needs before their own.  I am grateful that this is the team that will be heading into London 2012 with me.  How lucky am I!

Last year I was asked to address students at The Canadian Chiropractic College, I had the floor for an hour and wasn't sure how best to fill that time. I don't use notes when I speak but give a lot of thought to what I want to say to any audience days in advance. I hate to sound rehearsed and speaking from my heart is the only way I know how to share a message. I'll share with you in this blog, what I told them.

You have to care about the person first. Period.

Their status, power, your praise or recognition, must have nothing to do with why or how you help somebody. You must genuinely care about them for who they are, not what they have or can bring to the table. I believe that should be at the moral core of every person.
Out for dinner w/ Dr. Kelsick @Olympic Trials Windsor 2008
I was injured during the trials and Olympics but guess who still had my back!
As an athlete this is especially important since what we do is an emotional roller coaster. You have to trust the people around you.  Doubt can't ever seep in when it comes to their motives and reliability, there is too much to stress about on this journey. The people you surround yourself with shouldn't be a source of concern.

Some of my most candid conversations or admissions have not been with my mother, sisters or BFF. But with someone on my team. Laying on a massage table at the end of a season and admitting that my spirit felt defeated….
Canadian Champs Ottawa 2006 Dr. Carm sticking his acupuncture needles in my flesh
Or getting that last hug before I depart to the final of a World Championship. Except this hug is tighter, the final reassurance that we had done the work, that extra squeeze just meant: Go prove it P...

You need to be able to face your team on any given Sunday and know that they will be there waiting. With no judgements, needing no explanations. 

Infield of the World Championship warm up track AKA The rendez vous point
2007 Osaka, Japan
Whether it’s three hours after your first world title and the warm up track is desolate and dark. With no one insight, except for them sitting in that infield, right where you left them, patiently waiting for you…

Or the same scenario a year later, except this time everything has come to a jarring hault. If nothing made sense that day, the one thing that would be true was they’d be there. In that infield. Patiently waiting for you….

@ the polyclinic Athens 2004 shock wave therapy after the final
The most painful therapy I have ever experienced
And because I believe in these people and they are my friends, I know no matter what happens on the track I can hold my head high and walk back to meet them and feel safe, loved, human.

I’m so glad that all these years later,  I still know they love me for me. Medals, jumping sticks quickly and of course my angelic aura are just an added bonus or three! ;-)
Medals: The great and tangible symbol of how hard we've worked  as a team
But I must say the roller coaster journey as a family is greater!
Hopefully they took that message to heart and will be fabulous Chiropractors one day. However, I believe the heart of the message boils down to being a wonderful human being first.

Take Great Care!

Monday, January 10

Phoenix 2011

I'm in Phoenix for a warm weather training camp for 10 days. I'm so glad to be away from snow and ice and the gauntlet of treadmill training that was nearly the hallmark of my indoor training last year. I must admit I liked the challenge of the treadmill work, it really put some hair on your chest....check it out below.

This AC camp is fairly small and targeted, it's part of  AC's London 2012 preparation, I am really feeling the energy around this team. The athletes, admin, medical, we're all very focused.

My season opener is right around the corner, and I'm never ever ready for it LOL. But I am looking forward to getting back in race mode. I'll compete January 28 at Millrose Games in NYC, then I'll head to Europe for a series of races in Germany and France.

I'll keep ya posted on that, have a great week!
My last trip to Phoenix AKA London 2012 Base Camp (April 2010)

Thursday, January 6

First 2011 Blog

Today I wrote a cheque for the water bill and wrote "2010", we'll see if it gets cashed. The point is time is flying and that's sorta scary. But I'm ready for it.

Out and Aboot
I am happy to say I was a quite the social butterfly over the winter break! If you know me you know I'm a homebody through and through. A TV, book, cup of tea, movie all from the couch or in my bed all excite me more than going out. I don't club or do the bar scene,  I'm not a fan of partying. And to pay cover? GAASP! Why would I wanna do that?!

But I kicked it a few times with my girls and had a blast. Big ups to the FT crew for fun times! 
Shout out to my boy Ace for showing my girls and I a great time @ Sake and Soul
We all know it'll be another 100 years flood until I do this again ...In other news, I know you peep my tights game! 
E double, Nicole, Me, my BIL and Sis @ Yuk Yuks comedy show
Christmas '10
Christmas was a blast, I was a bit under the weather so I wasn't my crazy self. But there is enough crazy in my family to keep the madness afloat. I admire my family so much and I am always amazed at how much we all love and support each other.
Oh Christmas Tree
My sisters and our mama on Christmas Day
NYE '10
I spent NYE the way I have spent it for nearly a decade, at home on the couch. I tend to fall asleep before midnight so I had to be nudged awake seven minutes before countdown. I was about to snap, and then was told to chill P it's new years eve. Oh. Right. (People know to only wake me for a legit fire or NYE).

I sipped some Riesling, watched the awkwardness that is Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin,  gave the obligatory peck and took my tail back to snoresville at about 12:01.
Boooring? Perhaps. But that's how I want to spend every NYE if I can't be on a beach in Turks and Caicos!

2010 in Review
2010 was a good year to learn some lessons. I learned to trust my instincts and to do what is right even if it makes others uncomfortable. I had to make some tough choices about my training situation and felt torn at times. But in the end did what I knew was best for me, regardless of opinion.

Also, I have come to realize that my job influences my day to day emotions and feelings and this isn't always productive. I have come a long way in separating the athlete from the woman. I can have a performance I am unhappy with and still go home and be that chick that you want to kick it with. It's not perfected yet, but one day it could be.

In 2010 I took the trip of a lifetime when I went to Bamako, Mali. That was a highlight of my life and I am extra, but not exaggerating on this one!

Oh and in 2010 I turned 30! A major milestone, I'm slowly embracing this new found confidence and maturity. And the best part about being 30 is the look on people's faces when I tell them. I know right--I look tender and spry don't it!

August 29,  2010.
 Turning 30 in Brussels, Belgium Wearing my self gifted Cookie Monster Tee--How apt was that!
OK that's all the updates for now, I'm working on my blogging consistency for 2011!

Be well!
**P.S- Don't watch the tacky layout, I'm working on somethings so PTU (pardon the ugly)***